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Healthdatabase for all cat breeds

In order to publish your results, you can
  • email the scanned result to schall@mcats.de
  • send a copy to Britta Singethan, Schmiedeweg 2, 38170 Schöppenstedt, Germany or
  • send a Fax to 0(049)911-3084402012 (die Faxnummer wurde zur Verfügung gestellt vom techn. Büroservice Call-Manager.de)
Please add the infos that are not written in the screening report, like homepageaddress.

Please check if the complete veterinarian name is written on the report (not needed for DNA tests), and add the name if missing!

We publish ALL genetic test results, like Heartscreenings, Kidneyscreenings, Hip-Xrays or Genetic Tests, from every cat breed and country. Tests of other inheritable diseases that are not listed yet, will be added after the first Testreport is send to be published.

We publish heart screening results from all veterinarians, no matter if they are registered or not, but some detailed informations should be written on the report. The best way is to use this or a similar screening form to be filled out by the veterinarian.

We are happy about every new entrie !